Without Borders Illustrates About A Possibility That Was NeverImagined Before, Proving That limitation is Not The Main Barrier To Break The Glass Ceiling

IwanSunito, the winner of Australian Property Person of the Year 2015 today has announced the launch of his most-awaited biography, WITHOUT BORDERS.

 That morning, the sun greeted softly when ArifpinKosasih push his cell phone button, contacted his old friend, NyohardiPurnomo. A news and a photograph was jerking his subconscious. And he knows whom to confirm about the news he was reading. “Nyo, why don’t you see the JawaPos news today,” he said briefly, referring the news pages about the inauguration of a property project in Australia.

Without long discussions, the phone was immediately closed. Before long, It’s Nyo’s turn to call back the caller. “Pin, is it Cen Huan, our friend?” He said with a half labored breath.

 “Well, that’s why,” said Arifpin sigh. “Looking at the face, he is Cen Huan. Look at his eyes, his smile, … also the skinny figure, “he added. News in JawaPos was read several times, while staring fixedly at the picture.

 “Yes, yes. Well, how come he can be with the Prime Minister of Australia, yes…. “Nyo said with a chuckle. They paused

It ‘s just a piece of story taken from Without Borders; The Lifestory of A Kid From Kalimantan Forests To Become The King of Property in Australia.

At first glance, the story illustrates a possibility that was never imagined before, and proving that the limitation is not the main barrier to break the glass ceiling.

And indeed Without Borders tells the struggle of a young man life who came from the slump which then turned into become a respected figure in the Kangaroo country property industry.

The book was first written in 2014 and takes approximately 3 years (2014-2016), starting from interview session, research until the book is completed.

From the initial story draft to be written, interview sessions with many people in a number of places, from Jakarta, Surabaya, Pangkalan Bun and Sydney, secondary research, until determining the title and front cover, everything is done in detail through many repetitive intense discussion sessions.

“Many things have been forgotten, but eventually came back to life from the words-written by one of my friend, Teguh S. Pambudi, even I call him a walking dictionary of my life” said IwanSunito

“As if I’m watching a flash back movie on all the events that ever happened in my life”.

“Denpasar, Bali is a historical place for me where I found the turning point in my life, and that’s the reason why I chose Bali as the location to launch WITHOUT BORDERS book” said IwanSunito.

“IwanSunito is a solid evidence that the combination of intuitive, breadth of imagination and persistence in life is a perfect formula to reach a goal”

“It eventually became a new compass for me to understand the meaning of life itself and encourage the understanding that life is not just life, but a part of something much larger” said Teguh Sri Pambudi as the book author.

“I am grateful that in the end we are able to deliver one of my dreams to be able to share the story of my life, and I dedicate “Without Borders” to the nation and my homeland, Indonesia” said Iwan.

“It would not be possible without the presence of Mr. Wandi S. Brata who since the really beginning trying to convince me to launch the book” Iwan added.

The book “Without Borders” consists of 15 chapters that are divided into several phases of IwanSunito’s life journey that starts from the really beginning until this moment.

The book “Without Borders” will be available at all leading book stores in Indonesia by December 2016 and is also available online at Scoop and Amazon.***


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